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This site is created by Jim Laprel; avid runner, comic and blogger. See my schedule below for my latest comedy appearances. Click on my blogs to see my latest thoughts on the New England Patriots and the NFL, as well as other aspects of life.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
                          Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher ( 604-531 B.C. )

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Nov 4, 2018 at the 22 mile mark 

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Tues, April 27    Saydie's Restaurant

                          136 Cluff Crossing Rd   Salem, NH  7:30pm

Tues, May 18    Saydie's Resaurant

                                     136 Cluff Crossing Rd  Salem, NH       7:30pm 


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dawning of April
I'm writing this approaching the first hour of April, one of my favorite months. You can feel spring in the air. It's so nice to be outside in the sun and fresh air. April also starts my countdown for the Boston Marathon. I can't believe it's on the doorstep, but soon it will be in the rear view mirror. As George Harrison sang: "All Things Must Pass."

I aways have a great deal of anticipation for the race. Just being at the starting line is a major accomplishment for all of the runners. Everyone has their own story. I'm getting ready to write my next chapter. I'm not there yet, but "I can feel it in the air tonight."
12:42 am edt 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Queue Me
On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I did something everyone tries to avoid. I went to the wireless store at the mall for an issue with my  cell phone. Naturally one has to get into the queue. There are three choices: accessories, technical support and "customer service." Fortunately my issue was accessories. We all want to avoid customer service.

After being in the queue for 8 minutes, I was helped by someone who suggested I go on-line to try and resolve my issue. I was looking to buy a USB cable for a phone no longer made in order to download some pictures to my computer. His recommendation sounded way too easy. I hope he's right!
5:51 pm edt 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Near is By?
While I was out running today, I saw a sign for a business which had "By the River" in it's name. How close does it have to be by the river. This business is on a hill and you can see the river, but it's at least 400 yards away. I guess it's "by the river" since the dictionary defines "by" as "near or close to".

What about Manchester-by-the Sea? Webster's defines a sea
as " a relatively large body of salt water that is partially of fully landlocked".

Not that it matters, but I don't think the town's location on Cape Ann meets the criteria. I guess Manchester-by the Ocean doesn't sound quaint enough.
2:21 pm edt 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Change Isn't Always Good
Change is a part of life . There is no denying that. Recently I changed the settings on my Internet browser. As a result, my Real Player program isn't working 100% when I listen to radio on-line. I'm having trouble with one station. I updated Real Player, but it's still not right. I'm trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
12:22 am edt 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Different Answers
Whenever people call "Customer Service" there is an expectation, maybe unrealistic, that the answer they get will be correct and resolve the problem. I had the pleasure of calling my website hoster. The first call lasted almost one hour and was "isolated to a file server problem", but not resolved. The server needed to update.They said to call back tomorrow.
I called back and now it was my "internet browser". Two calls to the "experts" and two different answers. Was the problem resolved? I don't want to go out on the limb yet and say.

I use to work at a place that took calls from customers. Sometimes the callers said that the employees gave conflicting information. I guess stuff happens.
11:55 pm edt 

I Thought the Holidays Were Over
I was out running today on a beautiful, but cool spring day. It's only going to get warmer and nicer! I was struck by the sight of a mostly brown Christmas tree out with someone's trash. I wondered when they took it down. I saw another one a few weeks ago at curbside. Were these in houses and still up? I guess these people must really love the Holidays or just never take out their trash. I wonder if they put up St Patrick's Day decorations.
5:24 pm edt 

Problem as Opportunity with the Help Line
As anyone knows, calling a Help Line for a computer issue can be very challenging and painful. Last night, I got to spend over an hour with a CSR tyring to resolve an issue I had with this site. The queue is short after mid-night! I learned things about file servers and browsers that I thought I  knew. Naturally, my problem was not resolved, but he did help me rearrange my pictures on the site!

This morning, I got to spend more time with another CSR. All of the diagnostic procedures appeared to focus on the latest version I was using of AOL. He suggested I contact AOL, but I "took a risk" and went down that road by myself. So far it looks good, but I've said that before!
10:44 am edt 

Monday, March 23, 2009

One of the problems in designing these sites is getting things where you want them. Moving things around is like taking a big risk in life. I want the pictures of the dog and Central Park to be side by side. One would think that would be easy, but no! I've already messed it up more than a few times. I can take a risk and try a new page layout, but that might have undesired consequences. I could keep the status quo and go on with a bunch of dead space on the page. I could also click the Help icon. Maybe I'll do what we all do at times. I'll try again tomorrow!
10:54 pm edt 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lauching of web-site

This web-site was created by me using  "Do it Yourself" software from my web host. It took a lot longer than I imagined. I even read the on-line tutorial. 

3:23 pm edt 

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