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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
                          Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher ( 604-531 B.C. )

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Disappearing Print

Newspapers and magazines are fighting to stay alive and relevant. The printed versions are disappearing on a regular basis.
The Boston Globe published its annual statement of distribution. It was shocking to see that the electronic version (102,000) is almost the same as the printed one (126,000).
Will we still be buying newspapers in ten years?
11:11 pm edt 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Sudden Ending For Trees

Apparently, I slept through the huge wind storm last night. I was surprised to see so many downed trees, especially in my neighborhood.
Many people in the area lost power. Some did at the end of my street.
It's amazing to see a tree being totally uprooted. 
11:26 pm edt 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Smoking Jacket


I recently washed one of my jackets to get it ready for autumn. I wore it to the UMass football game yesterday.

After the game, I met with some people who were having a cookout. Their fire was rather smoky. When I got home, my jacket smelled.

It was time to wash it again after wearing it only once. 

5:27 pm edt 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Better In Daylight


Over the last 46 years, I always traveled the same route whenever I went to UMass. My Garmin GPS suggested a different route for the last 15 miles. I never tried it until today. 

The ride was very scenic and extremely hilly. It was like being in the middle of nowhere. It must be very eerie at night.

I'll try it again during daylight hours,but never at night. 

11:43 pm edt 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Three Year Battery


I bought a new battery for my cell phone yesterday. It cost $42 to put one into my three year old Samsung Galaxy S5. 

It's ancient in the world of electronic devices, but does everything I need it to do.  

My phone has no trade-in value with Verizon. I waited too long, but that's no problem.

I'll keep my phone if I ever upgrade to another one.

11:30 pm edt 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Leave It Alone


The Boston television channels do such a lousy job with the evening news. Some of the stories are so lame. They fail to cover a lot of important news.

I wish they would stop interjecting their personal thoughts into their stories.

Tonight it was about the weather. It was a warm and rainy day. The leaves are falling as they always do in autumn. One reporter said how depressing it was to see that.

Someone needs to tell them that it happens every year at this time in New England. Their comments added nothing to the broadcast, but they do it all the time. 

12:18 am edt 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Do Not Store At Home


The media always likes to make light of some stories that are serious to others. A recent one mentioned how an urn with someone's ashes showed up at a Salvation Army donation center. 

They were able to provide information about the deceased because his name was on the bottom, as well as dates of birth and death. He was a former veteran who died in 1981.

How could anyone be so callous about the remains of someone? I don't believe in storing cremated remains. They should either be scattered or buried, otherwise you end with a situation like this.

5:21 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Flying Under The Influence

I have never been a fan of flying and have not been on a plane since 2000. I had issues with turbulence during some flights.
I would never drink alcohol before or during a flight. I saw a posting on Facebook yesterday about a delay caused by the weather. Some of the passengers reacted by drinking large amounts of wine.
I could never do that and feel comfortable. 
6:41 pm edt 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sticking To It

Last night, I decided to cook some brown rice. I followed the directions, added the appropriate amount of water
and let it simmer for 45 minutes.
I'm not sure what happened, but the water soon evaporated. I checked the rice every five minutes because it was sticking to the pot. When it was finally done, I had quite a mess to clean up.
It's easy to see why the instructions suggested to use a rice cooker. The lid on my pot had a hole in it for steam to escape. I'll go back to square one.
In all of the commotion, I forgot to add spices. The rice was very bland. 
1:01 pm edt 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Strange Names


People come up with some strange names for their kids. The popular ones of today are nothing like when I was young.  

Nothing surprises me today, but I heard of a kid whose name was Allegra. It immediately brought to mind the pharmaceutical that I see in ads. Why would anyone give their child a name like that? 

7:48 pm edt 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Ones Who Control

Amazon announced that it plans to build a second headquarters which will employ 50,000 in high paying jobs. They will invest $5 billion in their chosen site. 
They asked interested cities and states to give them their best proposal. Everyone is tripping over each other to beg Amazon to adopt them.
It will be a game changer for the winner. There is something wrong with this whole story. It's getting to the point where retail shopping in America will be controlled by a chosen few. 
11:50 pm edt 

Friday, October 20, 2017


This appears to be the warmest October on record. The temperatures are crazy these days. It should not be this warm. The foliage season is at least two weeks off.
People say to keep this weather coming, but this is not not good for us. We have too many extreme conditions.
We luck out in New England because we seem to avoid all sorts of bad weather.
Once it starts to snow, people will whine to no end. 
11:18 pm edt 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Name That Room


Politicians come up with a lot of bad ideas. It doesn't matter if it's on the local, state or federal level.  

One local guy wants to balance the city budget by allowing people to donate money and name a school classroom after someone. He also wants to include playgrounds and other public areas.

This is such a poor idea on many reasons. He proposed it without any specifics. How much money would one need to donate? How long is the honor good for? How do you screen the people who get honored? Can you name a parking lot after someone? 

We always hear about thinking outside the box, but this is crazy. 



1:52 pm edt 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stupid Bucket Lists

Many people have a bucket list of things they want to do, but I don't have one. I think it promotes a "been there, done that" attitude.
A story in the news told of a guy who had "getting involved in a police chase" on his list. He purposely got the police in a high speed pursuit for driving too fast.
Why do people do foolish things like this? What was he trying to prove? What else is on his list? Does he want to get into a near-fatal car accident?
12:53 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Dumpster Tonight

The dumpster where I live gets filled up quickly. It was overflowing tonight when I got home. There were some trash bags next to it.
Apparently, a couple of skunks decided to make an appearance. I had a plastic bottle ready to toss, but I saw them in time.
I stayed away as far as possible and brought the bottle upstairs to my apartment for proper disposal. 
11:42 pm edt 

Monday, October 16, 2017

All In The Label

I think it's a good idea that the FDA requires food makers to list their ingredients. It gives consumers the option to see what they are putting in their body.
The news had a story of a granola maker who caught the attention of the FDA by listing "made with love" as an ingredient. The story went viral and made the FDA look mean.
I think the granola people were wrong in listing it as an ingredient. If the FDA makes an exception for one food, we can only imagine what we will see on labels. 
7:56 pm edt 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trashy People

The world is full of selfish and inconsiderate people We only need to look at how some dispose of their trash and items they don't want.
A local shopping center has three bins for recycling clothing. There is a big sign telling people not to leave household trash. That didn't stop some people. There was a pile of stuff in front of them. It will now be someone else's problem.
There use to be bins for recycling paper at two other locations, but they were removed because of the abuse. It never ends. 
6:42 pm edt 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Strange Strangers
I would never want to have a roommate, especially if I didn't know them. People solicit on various forms of social media for someone to share expenses and rent.
It doesn't matter that they don't know them. They are taking a risk, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal for some people. 
7:58 pm edt 

Friday, October 13, 2017

A Book Too Long

I'm always finding interesting books to read after seeing their reviews. I have a list that is very long. It will take me forever to get through.
One of the biggest drawbacks is the length of some. I read two great reviews of biographies of President Ulysses Grant and champion boxer Muhammad Ali.
Both books looked very interesting, but Grant's was 1,074 pages while Ali came in at 623. Those are just too long for me. Each book is like reading several. 
11:04 am edt 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

No Rides For Them


We all have things that we would never do. I will never understand why people pick up stray dogs and bring them home. They later post a picture on Facebook. 

In many cases, their owners are found. They are much braver than me. I would never trust a stray dog, especially in my car. 


5:21 pm edt 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Movie Is Too Long


I read a great review about a documentary based on the New York Public Library. It's being shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where I have a membership.

Unfortunately, it lasts 3:17. That's a long time to sit for a movie. It would be great to watch it on line because I could take breaks and view it at my leisure. 

7:17 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nobody Voted

I voted in the Special Election Primary to fill a vacant seat in the State House. The turnout was really bad when I went there around 6pm.
It was a three candidate contest. Some people will say this was a waste of money, but it was the right thing to do in the democratic process. 
11:42 pm edt 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Out of Paper
I just bought another 500 sheets of paper for my printer. I can't believe that I used all of the other 500. Where did it go?
I don't print any large documents. It lasted a few years, but I finally ran out. I'll put the date on this package to see how long it lasts. 
2:48 pm edt 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Boring Weather Complaints

According to the weather people, today was one of the most humid days in October on record. They never disclosed the final results of their research.
There is no doubt that it was very humid today. We are expecting showers tomorrow. It's just another day in autumn.
Some boring people took to Facebook to post weather conditions and complain about them.
Why would anyone do that? Maybe they should experience a hurricane to make them appreciate everything. 
11:05 pm edt 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

They Don't Know Chris

It's never a good idea for me to watch a program where they interview people on the street about some current event or historical fact. I can't believe people are that uninformed about things.
Tonight's debacle involved "Who discovered America and when?" Some of the answers were really strange.
Monday is Columbus Day. The real thing happened on the 12th in 1492, but we celebrate it on the second Monday in October in order to make a long weekend. 
9:13 pm edt 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Plywood Road

Driving a car is dangerous. We all need to be aware of everything around us. Things can happen real fast with dire consequences.
I was driving along on Rt 495 the other night when I suddenly encountered a sheet of plywood in my lane. I came upon it too fast to take any type of evasive action. It didn't seem to do any damage to my car.
The only option was to swerve into another lane, but I decided that was not a good idea. It's never a big deal when things work out well. That's not always the case. 
7:03 pm edt 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nothing But Net

There is a great push for Major League Baseball parks to extend protective netting further down the lines after a series of bad injuries to fans.
People can't react to the speed of the ball coming off the bat into the stands. Some teams have been dragging their feet because they know that a few of their fans will be unhappy. The nets interfere with the sight lines if their seats are too close to them.
There is no way to make everyone happy. Safety should be a top priority. Extend the nets to protect people. Unhappy fans can get seats elsewhere. 
3:13 pm edt 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Around Since 1942

I found a penny from 1942 in my change today. It stood out because it was one of the "wheat pennies" minted prior to 1959 when the back was changed to the Lincoln Memorial.
It was in pretty good shape which indicates it must have been out of circulation for a long time. American hoard pennies in all sorts of containers.
I plan to save it. That will keep it out of further circulation. 
10:37 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

No Plans To Participate

I got two surveys in the mail today which I placed in my papers to be recycled. I have no desire to participate in one which they claim is anonymous, but had an ID# on it.
Another one was to rate various service providers in the Boston area. Someone else can complete it. My opinions don't really matter.
I always wonder about the people who spend time filling out surveys on hotels and restaurants. They think they are self-proclaimed critics. 
5:12 pm edt 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Tom Really Died Today

People are so uninformed these days. Too many get their news from social media.
They feel a need to share or cut and paste stories that are not factually true.
It's hard to believe that several hours after his death was announced, some still insisted that the legendary Tom Petty was alive.
It is getting so crazy. 
10:48 pm edt 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2017

The year is moving on with it being the October 1. There will be some warm days, but the list will be short. I finally used a blanket last night and was still cold. The windows were open.
The morning was cool when I ran today. It's only a matter of time before I put the heat on. It won't be tonight, but will be sooner rather than later. 
5:03 pm edt 

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